Saturday, 9 February 2013

Why I started this blog

I am scared of starting a blog.  I'm scared of what publicly declaring my thoughts really means.  But I can't stop this nagging feeling that it's something I must do.  I think about it every day, made it a new year's resolution, added it to my bucket list, told friends I was thinking of doing it. I've done everything but start the damn blog.  But as a good friend, Bri, told me this morning, I need to just start it, and start it this afternoon.  

Here's why I am compelled to write and share: I’m on a lifelong journey to live my best life as a wife, mom, professional…and as ME. I don’t want to just get by in any of these areas of life…I want to be wildly successful, and success is defined by me.  I want to be loved and respected by all 3 of my boys, even when my husband and I get old and cranky, or my boys become sullen teens.  I want to feel like I am making a real difference in people’s lives through my work (career).  I want to be really fit and healthier in my 30’s than I was in my 20’s…and carry this throughout the rest of my life. In all of these things I am challenging myself to be genuine and become vulnerable by opening up myself—my victories and lessons learned—through this blog.  Time to strip away the excuses about why I may not be successful in weight loss, parenting, or my career, and lay it all out there with integrity and truth. Forget about sugar coating my progress; I’m going to challenge myself not to worry about what others who read these words think about me because it’s not about impressing anyone.  I’m not blogging for any reason other than to take up the challenge of being real to myself and the world and keeping it that way.  After all, if I can’t keep it real, I can’t achieve goals in all these areas of my life.  

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