Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Well, since I last wrote and committed to eating better despite the excuses I have made for myself, I have lost two whole pounds.
I started writing down everything I ate and drank. I ate a lot of vegetables—5 cups a day—and drank 3L of water every day in week one. We even went camping 2 weekends ago and I pre-measured my oats and brought a gigantic bag of vegetables to ensure I didn’t just eat hot dogs and drink beer. This all proved to be successful in week one—I lost 2 pounds. I carried that 3 more days into week 2 of my new eating regime. Then I just went nuts for 4 days. I ate a hot dog one night because I didn’t make time to prep a healthy dinner and I needed to throw something together quickly. The weekend came and my in-laws came for a visit, which has always meant celebrating them being in Victoria with a lot of high fat foods and drinking lots of sparkling wine.  Foods I normally wouldn’t buy were in my fridge and cupboards. I hate wasting and throwing out food so what do I do after a weekend of bad eating? Drink an entire bottle of wine and eat chips and salsa at 11pm Monday night because they were already opened. I didn’t even enjoy my multiple cheat meals because I felt guilty the whole time, knowing I was just taking steps further back from my goals.
Why am I so undisciplined? WHY is this so damn hard for me? I am so frustrated with myself.  It’s not that complicated: eat healthier, keep working out, stick to the plan. It is easy to get into a place of self-loathing but I have been working hard to shush those negative voices in my head. So, bitch fest and self pitying is now over…time to be grateful and look at the positives:
·         I have lost, albeit very slowly, 24 pounds in the past 8 months. Two pounds in two weeks is still two pounds. Bring out the balloons and a party hat—I’m never going to see this number on the scale again.
·         I am just 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and one dress size away from fitting most of my old clothes. Sooooo close.
·         I have the active lifestyle part down. No one has to tell me twice to get off my butt and outside to exercise. I actually love it—something I never ever thought I’d say even just 2 years ago.
·         I’ve built a lot of core strength even after having two kids. We had a little competition in a gym class this past weekend; after an hour of bootcamp drills, we were challenged to hold a plank position for 5 minutes. Only one other person and I did it.
I think planking runs in the family! This is all my son wants to do all day.

·         I’ve got a super supportive spouse. I’m at home with the kids this year—and I choose to run over laundry and dishes all the time.  He actually said to me last week, “I understand if things aren’t done around the house because you are out running or exercising—that’s important.” He takes care of both kids on the days I have run clinic sessions, cleans up after the kids every day and puts our oldest to bed.
·         Really? My biggest suffering is not being able to drop weight fast enough? Total first world problem. I’m so thankful this is the kind of thing I have time to fret about.
·         I have a lot of people rooting for me in this journey. People care and have been so supportive.  I’ve learned in blogging that if you put it all out there, you are blessed with people sharing their own very personal struggles and encouraging you to be successful.

Yup, I can do this. I’m committing to all y’all that I am not giving up, not giving in to my frustration, and that next week there will be some more victories to post about.
I was so successful in week one of reformed eating because i ate A LOT of veggies.  Here's 1 day's worth of vegetables and lean protein

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