Thursday, 4 April 2013

7 weeks, 10 pounds and 9.25 inches lost

Today I got up enough nerves to have Trish (BDHQ Baby Bootcamp trainer) do my measurements, 7 weeks after I posted my starting point (see "My Hill to Die on" post from Feb 13th).  I know I spent most of January and February eating poorly and that I probably wasn't making much progress in the weight loss/inches lost departments.  But having this blog and committing to reporting out on my progress or lack thereof has created some real accountability in me. I felt a need to face the truth today, and I was pleasantly surprised:

Chest: 39.5 (down 2.5 inches)
Waist:  36.5 (down 3 inches)
Hips: 41 inches (down 1.5 inches)
Thigh: 22.5 inches (down 1 inch each)
Bicep: Left: 10.5 (down 0.5 inches) Right 10.5 (up 0.25 inches)
Total inches lost: 9.25
Total pounds lost: 10

While I know I can do better, I'll take any kind of progress and celebrate that at the very least, I'm headed in the right direction.  I'm setting more aggressive goals for myself in the next 6 weeks because I know I can do it, and telling you all about them will make me feel that much more motivated to actually just git 'er done :)
We are headed to a family wedding in 6 weeks and there's nothing like a reunion to motivate (or scare) a person into losing more weight. I've also purchased a dress I want to wear and while it fits, I resemble a sausage encased in tubing that is too small at the moment.  So in 6 weeks my goal is 10 more pounds and to wear the dress without serious shame!  How I will do this successfully:

1. Drink 4L of water every day, and don't wait until the afternoon to start guzzling!
2. eliminate bread, refined sugar, saturated fats
3. Allow myself one cheat meal a week, not one cheat day, and not several cheat days as I've been doing
4. stick to lean protein (chicken breast, tofu, turkey, tuna, etc.)
5. Eat a giant salad every day to meet my 5 cups of veggies requirement
6. Never, EVER give up. Don't write off the day just because of one bad choice. Get back up and keep fighting--there is no time for complacency here!

The reason why I am doing this in the first place--to be around a long time for my babies and  teach them through my actions what a healthy lifestyle is so that they too can live their best life.
I want to thank Sarah for her eating plan advice and for coaching me in the exact way that motivates me (a blend of encouragement and challenge to do just a little bit more when I am about to give up), and for all my friends and family who patiently listen to me blither on about my workouts, diet, and thoughts on being healthy for life. I love you all!

Apri beaded tiered silk-blend dress by Alice + Olivia
The goal is to wear this dress like it's my job!

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  1. GOOD LUCK! As I read this, I've made a secret promise to myself that I will not eat anymore sugar or bread and drink more water! (I guess that promise isn't so secret anymore?)
    Your journey is inspiring Raeleen!

    xo N